Custom Orthotics

Did you know that many private insurance plans will reimburse you for custom orthotics? Please check with your insurance provider.

Many people experience pain caused by abnormal foot biomechanics (the way your feet move and function). Problems with your feet can result in pain in the heel, knee, hip, and back.

Custom foot orthotics are inserts for your shoes that improve foot function. Orthotics gently and consistently place the foot in its proper position. This relieves foot pressure points, restores proper arches, and reduces strain on the legs, hips, and spine.

Custom foot orthotics are created by taking impressions of your feet in a position which reveals their proper shape and structure. Orthotic inserts specific to your foot impression can be made to fit a variety of footwear, including casual, running, soccer, and dress shoes, work boots, ski boots and skates.

The custom made footwear with orthotic inserts that are available at our office can be viewed at: